Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the soul of flowers + a visit

Another from the gardens / park over the weekend. I know some people don't care for floral and nature photography - but I love it. Being with the flowers summons a deep calm and awe for me. It seems one can see the whole world in the simplicity and complexity of the natural world - each piece having a voice as strong as human counterparts.


My journal has been less than daily and my replies / comments less than prevalent because my mom-in-law is visiting from New Zealand. I'll catch up with everyone soonish, promise.

Kai (my son) with his ouma and their "fish gardens":



theysaywordscanbleed said...

that's a gorgeous flower shot!

Puyallup florist

babooshka said...

How can anyone not like this. It's so vibrant and the clarity isspot on. Simply stunning.

charliesgirl_992000 said...

i LOVE floral pics with the vibrant collors. It's amazing that mother nature, our world can create such vibrant beauty out of a seed. Just amazing!!!