Friday, July 18, 2008

ari ella turns two

An extra post today to say: Happy Second Birthday, Ari Ella! My daughter was born at home just after 2pm on July 18, 2006. :)

A couple of weeks old:

Ari, 8/2006

About 3 months old:

Ari, 10/2006

One year old:

Ari Ella, 7/2007

Just last month:



Dan said...

Looks like a beautiful little girl!

Stiffa said...
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Stiffa said...

What an adorable child!

Hi! I'm so excited that you're doing Oklahoma City Daily Photo. I post Philadelphia's DP, and when I started last year there wasn't one for OKC. I'm from Edmond, and seeing your photos makes me a little homesick.

Keep up the good work, and thanks for giving an Okie expat the chance to see what she's missing.


charliesgirl_992000 said...

ahhh that was fun watching her grow up right then!!! I dreamed last night taht our baby is a girl. We're still going with the name Arabella and in the dream I was calling her that, pushing her in a stroller. She had pretty, short dark hair. We'll just have to wait and see what it is.
hugs, Tammy

Olivier said...

elle est mignonne et toute joyeuse. superbes portraits. Avec un l├ęger retard : un joyeux anniversaire.
it is cute and very cheerful. superb portraits. If one of the delay: a happy birthday.