Wednesday, July 30, 2008

lake hefner: the feeling of endless water

Lake Hefner, 7/2007
Well, my mom-in-law is now safely back in New Zealand, which erases my excuse for not posting daily, right? Sort of. Except that my outings have primarily been: outside in the back with my kids in the mornings (not that I couldn't take photos there :o) and places with a/c like bookshops. Otherwise, houseyness. Why? In part because it's dreadfully hot. We're in the stretch of weeks that goes from 95-100+. (My mil decided she'd rather not visit in July ever again!)

In the meantime, here's a photo of Lake Hefner from July 2007. Purr!

A friend from Australia will be visiting soon. She's touring through the US and will be stopping by to see us and Oklahoma. She'll be arriving Thursday night and staying until Tuesday. Expect photos from an art gallery walk, a visit south of the city to the lush nature bliss of Chickasaw National Recreation Area, and a local museum. :)


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Strangetastes said...

Vertigo! Makes me thing that I'm in the cockpit of a veering, banking plane about to crash into the water. I don't associate big bodies of water with central Oklahoma but that's why we have you to show us the area.