Thursday, May 29, 2008

paseo 4 - yeehaw


The cowboy stereotype always drives me crazy about Oklahoma. It's not that there aren't any around, but it's not quite as all-consuming as many people assume, I think. I did tech support years ago, and people from both coasts would act surprised at my location - because I don't have a slow drawl, and also because... I don't know, Oklahoma has businesses and not just dirt and farms? ;) Still, walking along, how could I resist snapping a photo of this boy in his crazy little outfit? Just doing my part in carrying on the image, right? :)


Hilda said...

Aaw, he's a little darling!

Strangetastes said...

With those dark glasses that look like a mask, this kid's outfit is somewhere between the Loan Ranger and a Cub Scout. Oh, except he has a black hat. Only the bad guys have black hats.

Craig Wilson said...

Nice to see your doing your part :) Looks like he could walk straight on the set of a movie.

M. Isabel Guerra said...