Wednesday, May 21, 2008



I've always loved dandelions, their fuzzy magic and freedom. Mom has never been impressed with us blowing them over her lawn, even when I tell her that they're adding calcium and nutrients to her soil. ;) Much of my backyard is cemented, but we have a good patch of grass at the back and along the side of the house. We have large dandelions, strawberries, and all sorts of "weeds" that are actually wild herbs. It gives the kids something to explore, and adds nature to our lives. Plus, I like how it looks.


Wendy said...

Howdy, neighbor to the south. I'm delighted to see your dandelion, I posted a similar photo a while back of this fun weed. Come see it -

I think that will get you there.

babooshka said...

In the Uk every Fish and Chip sold Dandelion and Burdock fizzy drinks. It's agreat image with those seeds just flying off.

kenziekylanmom said...

I was just thinking about posting a photo of a dandelion on my blog too. I guess us Okies think alike!