Monday, May 10, 2010

the sound of wings

During a recent zoo visit, I voyaged into the Epicenter of Madness - the new Children's Zoo. It's actually set up nicely... certainly better than the nearly non-existent one of the past. (Except, their "read these descriptions of the animals to the tune of Mary Had A Little Lamb" thing was incredibly annoying because the one I tried didn't even have the same number of syllables. Not that I wanted to try with all of them anyway.)

One of the things that delighted me actually existed before at the zoo, but it had limited hours and I had never tried it out. I bought myself two containers of nectar. I then tried out the Lorikeet exhibit. It wasn't busy at all (yay!).

I opened the nectar with careful help.

Then I was covered with birds. On my arms, on my shoulders, on my head.

Being that I'm all about prim, I was...

gleefully delighted!

Afterward, I took photos of some of my buddies -



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