Tuesday, September 2, 2008

moody lake

I went to the lake tonight. This photo was taken right before it started pouring. The wind was strong and when the rain started falling, the sensation against my face (eyes closed) was amazing. However, the short walk to the car soaked my clothes, and I could barely get the car door open from the strength of the wind against it. Pure natural power, and I was in heaven. (But glad I wasn't wearing something nearly-sheer. :o) My actual house, not too far away, didn't get a drop, so I was especially pleased to have experienced the beauty right by the water's edge.


Blacksun said...

I totally love pivtures of coming storms! The light is great.

charliesgirl_992000 said...

Beautiful shot. I can feel the wind and starting rain just watching it. I LOVE storms, rain, wind. Wonderful feelings to the entire soul.

Anonymous said...


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It is an intense photo. Great capture.