Thursday, August 7, 2008

dragons and vibrance


The Oklahoma History Center had a lovely exhibit on the Chinese culture here in Oklahoma.

I should also mention, we have an Asian District starting around NW 23rd and Classen. From wikipedia:
Today Oklahoma City is considered by many to be an Asian oasis in the South-Central U.S., as there are multitudes of authentic restaurants, nightclubs, shops, Asian supermarkets and grocery stores concentrated in the area; traditional Hong Kong dim sum and Taiwanese Bubble Tea are no longer hard to find as they predominate Asia District and metro area.

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Strangetastes said...

Hooda thunk? I've only been to OKC a couple of time son business and that was maybe 20 years ago. Since I like Asian food, it sounds like I should show up with an appetite.

BTW, there is an interesting and flattering article about OKC in Friday's New York Times - see .